Advantages of Direct-to-Garment Printing

  • Jun 28, 2022

Everyone has that one comfy, cozy T-shirt they always reach for. No matter how many others are nestled nearby in the drawer, we’re talking about that one shirt you always pick. It lands in the washer during every laundry cycle. Consider what makes it special.


You may not even realize that the method used to print graphics has something to do with your favorite tee. Direct-to-garment printing is an increasingly popular, newer method that prints ink directly into the fabric rather than sitting atop like traditional screen printing. Direct-to-garment printing creates soft and pliable clothing that wears better and feels super soft. 

What is Direct-to-Garment Printing?

In direct-to-garment printing, your chosen design is printed directly on the garment as the ink becomes part of the fabric, thanks to specialized aqueous inkjet technology. The entire image prints at once, rather than one color at a time, which is standard when using the screen printing method. 


The printer used for direct-to-garment printing looks a lot like a computer printer. You insert the garment, and technology takes over as your chosen logo is printed directly on the piece. 


Direct-to-garment printing is a quick, straightforward process that allows each piece to be customized and creates minimal waste. It works great for T-shirts, hoodies, and other swag items but isn’t the best printing process for items with a large surface area like blankets. 

Advantages of Direct-to-Garment Printing

If you’re seeking custom items in small quantities, direct-to-garment printing is ideal. You’ll be able to customize every article if desired. 

Reasons to choose DTG printing: 

  • Short Prep Time. No stencils, screens, or plates are required to transfer your image onto a garment – only a printer, ink, and garment are needed! So, the setup is minimal. 


  • Detailed Designs. This method creates precise, clean designs a screen-printed item can’t even dream of pulling off. No matter how intricate the lines, direct-to-garment printing can make it look crisp and professional. 


  • Straightforward Process. Your design is printed from top to bottom all at once. There’s no need for each color to be applied independently. 


  • Excellent Quality. The color will pop, and the fabric will feel smooth with DTG printing.


  • Quick Turnaround. With all printing happening at once, printing is done in an instant. 


  • Environmentally Friendly. There’s little waste since designs are stored on the computer and printed directly on the garment, in contrast with screen printing, in which expensive screens are created for every color used. 


  • Usually No Minimum Order. This printing technique is ideal for small, customized orders. 

Direct-to-Garment Printing vs. Screen Printing

At least 65% of the shirts in your closet that feature a picture or slogans are likely screen printed. Screen printing has been and still is a mainstay in the garment printing industry. Direct-to-garment printing adds to your printing options.


DTG printing can be faster for a single print run, but the overall printing process for bulk orders is much faster with screen printing. Lettering Express can provide either option quickly, depending on your needs. 


Because of the need for multiple screens, there may be a setup fee involved with screen printing. DTG printing generally doesn’t require a setup fee because the printing is from a digital file.


The difference in process between direct-to-garmet and screen printing means it’s best to use a printer who can do both and advise you which one will work best for the type of job you need. Screen printing is best for simple designs with fewer colors and not a lot of small line details. DTG works for more detailed designs. Overall, the material you want printed on, the design you want, and the quantity needed are all factors.

Contact Lettering Express for Direct-to-Garment Printing


The skilled team at Lettering Express can help you with all your custom apparel needs. Lettering Express has a huge variety to choose from, whether you’re seeking branded shirts for your team or giveaways for branded clients. Your items will be direct-to-garment printed by professional team members who will ensure quality and excellence. Contact the team at Lettering Express


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