Design Choices to Make for the Best Vehicle Wrap Designs

  • Jun 23, 2022

You’ve made an intelligent decision when you transform your company’s vehicle fleet into mobile billboards that blitz throughout the metro. As with every investment, you want to make sure you get the greatest mileage out of this choice. 


Just as each wrap is customized specifically for every vehicle’s curves and quirks, you should also ensure that the design of each wrap is top-tier and genuinely reflective of your brand. 


As you begin mocking up the information you’d like to include on your wrap, make sure you’re working with a skilled creative who can talk you through the best vehicle wrap designs and make recommendations about what will most effectively market your company. 

How Effective is Vehicle Wrapping?

Commercial wraps are a cost-effective way you advertise your business, maintain your vehicle’s paint job, and stand out from competitors in your market. 

Benefits of vehicle wrapping include:

  • Helps Maintain Paint. Vehicle resale value is less likely to dip when vinyl wraps protect the paint from chips, dings, and sun exposure. 


  • Brand Recognition. Thousands of eyeballs encounter wrapped vehicles on the road each week. Using your vehicles to advertise within the market builds awareness that may convert to business. 


  • Endless Design Choices. Vehicle wraps are fully-custom and enable you to think big about how to best draw attention to your business. 

Trends for the Best Vehicle Wrap Designs 

Clean, classic, and simple designs will never go out of style. But if you’re interested in making passersby give your vehicle a second look, consider these trends. 

Trends in vehicle wrap design include:

  • Metallic Finish. Whether you want rose gold, bronze, silver, or another color, a metallic finish wrap will help your fleet stand out from other vehicles on the road. 


  • Matte Finish. Elevate your vehicles with a sleek, understated matte finish. Since it is relatively uncommon, it commands attention. 


  • Chrome. If you want your vehicle to sparkle and shine, a highly-reflective chrome wrap is your choice. 


  • Layers. Since each vinyl piece is made to fit your vehicle’s unique specifications, there’s an option to use different wrap colors and finishes on the vehicle to create a layered effect. 


  • Careful Contrasts. Use complementary colors to create an eye-catching wrap that turns heads. 


  • Bold Patterns. Anything you imagine can be wrapped, including intricate patterns. The expert installers will seamlessly match the pattern throughout, much like hanging wallpaper. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes

When designing your wraps, you want to remain authentic to your business and its brand. You’ll want something clean that is easily readable and likely to catch a passerby’s attention in just a few seconds.

Don’t make these mistakes when designing your wraps: 

  • Too Busy. Make one design element the star of the show, and leave other words, images, or graphic work in the background. This isn’t the time to pull out every bell and whistle. 


  • Unreadable Fonts. Go simple, seriously. You might consider a font boring, but it’s popular because it’s readable. If you want something fancy, consider using it for “bonus” information when comprehension isn’t critical. 


  • Low Contrast Colors. Be sure the words stand out, and everyone can read them. When you work with a skilled design firm, they will make recommendations that are compliant with visual best practices and consider those who are colorblind. 


  • Designing Without Your Vehicle in Mind. Consider every inch of your vehicle and think about how other drivers on the road sit. Make sure important information is at a level where it can be seen and read. For example, if your car sits low, putting contact information on a bumper may be a bad decision if most other cars sit high on the road. 


  • Ignoring Your Vehicle’s Curves. See the vehicle, not the “type” of vehicle you’re wrapping. Look at your specific set of wheels and have exact measurements before you get busy designing. 


  • Poor Quality Images. Pixelated, blown-out images won’t project a professional image of your company, so be sure you have original, high-quality image files for any photos you intend to incorporate in the design. 


  • Designing for Park. Most of the time, your vehicle will be on the move, so make sure the design works while in motion. Consider how the design will look at 25, 40, and 70 miles per hour. 

Basic Principles of Wrap Designs

Ultimately, there are four design principles you want to remember when designing a wrap. 


  1. Placement. Be strategic about where words and images are on the wrap. Consider how they’ll mesh with the vehicle.
  2. Simplicity. You don’t need to use every element in the design toolbox to make your wrap stand out. Incorporate one or two special elements in your wrap design, but otherwise, lean into simplicity. 
  3. Memorable. If you’re investing in a wrap, guarantee a return by designing something unique that reflects your brand.
  4. Contact Information. Don’t leave people guessing – include a telephone number, website, or email address, so they contact your company.

Let Lettering Express Create the Design of Your Dreams

As vinyl wrapping increases in popularity and trends evolve, the experienced, professional, and fun team at Lettering Express is ready to help you create designs with drivers in mind. 


Lettering Express has decades of experience designing and installing custom vehicle wraps and is ready to brainstorm with you about a design that will meet your business goals. We’ll make sure we create something so perfect you’ll choose to replicate it across the entire fleet. 


Contact Lettering Express to get the creative conversation flowing about the best vehicle wrap designs for your unique business. 


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