Essentials of Rebranding Your Hospital

  • Aug 10, 2020

An undertaking for a hospital rebrand requires numerous parties to co-operate and countless assets to be reconfigured.

If you are constructive or reactive about the rebranding decision of your company, you have to take a close look at all collateral factors to ensure that each piece fits the new branding of your hospital.

Otherwise, the public would be misled, patients distressed and market share reduced.

There are many features inside and outside the building that need to be updated, including custom signs, in order to ensure a seamless transition, leading to an effective hospital rebranding process.

Why Do You Need a Rebrand to Change?

  • Logo – While your logo is just one aspect of the brand identity of your company, it is very significant. This can be used in all the products for construction and marketing. That's why you need to build a new logo that fits the tonality and personality that your hospital brand is trying to develop.
  • Print & Digital Advertising – You must create new printed and digital advertisements that represent your brand image and purpose in order to attract future patients and donors. Introduce your new name, add your new logo and just let users know that your company has changed.
  • Commercials – You have to make sure that all advertisements and TV stations use the correct terminology about your organization's improvements to educate the public about your hospital brand. It's also prudent to use the new logo during the job.
  • Billboards – As posters need to catch people's attention and convey the intended message in just seconds the old brand identity needs to be connected to the new one. It should be appropriate to highlight your new logo and include a short blurb about your brand.
  • Press statements & Media Kits - You need to produce fresh press releases and marketing kits detailing the organization's progress and bringing new look / feeling to the marketing with the hospital brand.
  • Website – It is important that you invest in your site, because it is where people go to learn more about your company, to ensure their rebranding is effective. It is recommended that you give a note of the update on your homepage.
  • Signage – All signs in your building and around it will fit with the modern brand identity of your hospital. Those who move through your building and its halls must become acquainted with your new logo, name and color.

While all these features are significant, signs are not always high on the agenda. The signs you are installing in your entire building boost your brand image in people's minds.

Therefore, paying extra attention to billboards and signs is a must. Get connected to Lettering Express for custom signs in OKC as we know how to boost your brand image.


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