Guide to Choose the Right Banner for Your Business Event

  • Dec 23, 2020

So at the first meeting or public event you are exhibiting. What do you need to draw people? Showing at a trade fair or a public event may be a big time and money commitment, but it does not have to happen and in most cases it will pay off to attend such events.

How do you differentiate yourself from the other dealers? What do you do to stand in crowd? The first thing you want to do is to show your goods and services and to attract the interest of potential customers. But what kind of signage are you looking for?

There are many kinds of shows, from giant truss kits to pop-up displays and vinyl banners, so sometimes it is difficult to choose which show is right for you. If you have budget and the workers, great trusses are fine, but what if you're a business owner that's going to a small networking event at your local hotel or conference center? So what are you using?

These are tips for beginners or for those with a tight budget. Here are the things you're going to need, such as conferences, conventions and local networking activities in various settings.

  1. Print a huge banner- You don't have to be thorough, just enough to place your names behind you in a glance. Just a big simple banner with your name and your tagline, maybe a banner that ties you into what you do. You can display them with a banner or mount them to your wall, depending on how your area is mounted.
  2.  A table throw is great to use- It works so for your banner design and print. Anything easy is okay, just the front logo is okay, just so you look prepared and competent. Are you on a tight schedule, really? Print a logo on a vinyl decal adhesive and put it on a single tablecloth.
  3. Detachable banners- Please purchase a retractable banner or vinyl banner before your table. Here you can provide your future customers with additional details for reading and evaluating. It'll pull them inside. When they stop in front of your booth, chat about it. See if they have any questions and be polite.

     So you know, these few cheap things will do the trick, regardless of where you set up your store. The beauty is all these things are inexpensive and easy to use. In their case, the banners roll up, the retractable split and store, and the tabletops fold up. Ideal for anyone who wants a quick cheap signage solution for a trade show or networking event.

It's great for a tiny startup or a big roll where you need your dollar the most.

Anything that you're looking for? Perhaps outdoor displays or other signage styles for your company? Call our helpful sales team, or please visit our website. Our nice professional sales team at Lettering Express in OKC will help you choose, design and print the right show. We are looking forward to your business!

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