How Could a Signage Increase Visibility?

  • Dec 9, 2020

We live in a world where corporations are in constant competition for the attention of clients. Both large and small companies have used signs to indicate and attract fresh clients.

But why do signs work so effectively? The simple answer is: they allow your company to be seen. Custom signs lead people towards your organization and provide new and current clients with a direct line of contact.

The Magnificent Communicator

The messaging on a sign is its most critical feature far and away. So much so that according to a market perception survey by The Sign Research Foundation, 61% of Americans struggled to locate a company because the sign was too small or vague.

Often consider typography and design elements prior to printing. Although a fancy font may look good on your sign, your efforts may be ignored in the mere seconds that you have to catch the attention of your customers if it is not obvious. A tidy layout and direct message help to differentiate you from your rivals. The meaning of a sign needs to be legible and easy to digest at the most basic level. In terms of sign efficacy, these are steadfast guidelines and should be followed each time. You don't want consumers to miss the boat, or literally miss the deal, from billboards to indoor signage.


There are signs everywhere. Great signage is uncommon, but it's one of the best ways of separating you from other firms. Although a brand is not created overnight, it can support your growth by making deliberate branding decisions to find your perfect sign. Perhaps a billboard's big & bold messages are not in line with your brand or are out of your price range. If so, begin with smaller things and your speed, like your vehicle's vinyl decals. They also operate in high-traffic areas, with 24/7 moving ads that can help grow your company before you're ready to make a bigger splash. Choose which type of vinyl suits your requirements for car decals and then have it.


In both the location and nature of your signage, visibility is important. An easy way to create new business is using business signs. In fact, it has been proven that adding only one sign inside the store increases annual sales by 4.75%. The windows of your storefront will help relay your message to the public by inserting perforated window signs while also providing privacy to your customers while inside your shop.


The holidays are basically here and signs can give a major boost to your company. By using window-dressing for festive holiday like in-store window signs, it is the most wonderful time for a sign to draw more customers into your store. A problem easily solved by finding a custom online printer is where to purchase window clings. They instantly streamline your holiday communications and power your bottom line once planned, shipped, and in place.

The Symbol That Is Right for You

Although signs are available in various shapes and sizes, they all serve the same purpose: to provide your company with concise information that drives clients. Big or small, signs accomplish what larger ad purchases do with a small investment. And better, more than once, even year after year, they can be used. Choosing the sign that suits the company's needs is a strong instrument for long-term success with careful preparation and strategizing.

See us here at Lettering Express for having the custom signs. In OKC we offer custom signage for cars and your business brands, logos and more.

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