How to Decide Your Vinyl Banner Size?

  • Sep 2, 2020

A common question that we are asked here at Lettering Express is on the size the vinyl banner. In taking that decision, there are several factors to consider. We have a couple of fast tips and tricks to make your banner readable. This guide is related to readability, please note. We have that right here if you want a guide to design tips.

Make sure you remember the overall goal of your banner when designing your banner. If you are using your banner as a furnishing for an anniversary party, then your objective may be to create an unbelievable banner designed to showcase or promote the celebrated person. The first consideration may be fonts, photos, shadows, effects, and colors that pop. However, the message itself is the most important element to consider if the aim of your banner is to convey a message at a busy crossroads.

Size of the font

Pre-planning and design will take place here. This is about how visible you want to see your banner at certain distances. A general rule of thumb is that you want your font size to be 1" or higher every 10 feet of visibility. To make the banner visible from 60 feet distance the fonts should be of 6 inches. You have a very easy and readable font under this general thumb rule. You will want to increase your font size to perhaps 1.5 inches/10 feet if you are using a cursive or very thin font. It depends on the font, really.


Your banner's colors can influence its visibility. You'll need to increase the font size and probably the overall design when using similar tones or shades and do not contrast them. You can stick to the font size recommendation if you use contrasting colors.

The Area

Where does your banner go exactly? Are 100 meters in the air? If so your banner is visible from that distance, you will have to consider size. Is the place well illuminated? Is it too bright? Is it very windy? This should not only determine your design but also the material of your banner. You may want a banner of 20 oz if your banner is going to compete with the sun. This ensures that the material does not pass by the sunlight and obscures your design.


Reduce clutter from the design. Whether it is a party or a business celebration that uses your banner, you must ensure that little unclear text does not appear. Indeed, if at an intersection your banner is being used as a billboard, you may wish to minimize the text keeping only the message and the contact details.

Quality Image Files

Remember to print a wide-format printer on your banner. When enlarged, small images and photos often break or pixelate. In general, if your image file is less than 2 mb, you are in danger of getting a blurred image when it is printed (with the exclusion of vector images).

Save the Image File  

Irrespective of the design programmed type that you are using, ensure that you correctly size and save your file in the correct format. Vector, pdf, jpeg, and tiff formats are common. The quality of the file and the way to send the file to your banner business depend on the size. Files bigger than 10 mb are hard to email and require physical upload or delivery from a disc or memory stick.

Contact us at Lettering Express for vinyl banner design in OKC. We would be assisting you to get the rightly sized and designed banner.

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