How to Make a Sidewalk Design Valuable?

  • Sep 7, 2020

No one has a doubt about the relevance and importance of a good sidewalk design and it is a craze now to make the designs most effective for the human mind to increase the sale more. Once you see the sakes boost, you will understand the effectiveness of a good sidewalk design.

But the harsh truth is we see a flow of sidewalks on the road and this is quite difficult to register each of them unless one is really unique. The design should be creative yet simple to stand-out among all other designs. Make sure you have a custom design other than downloading one from internet. Here are a few tips -

The Facts

Story making is common. But starting with a fact or a statement can help you grab everyone’s attention as people would think you are stating something that they must know. Additionally, people love to learn. Your fact or the statement can be helpful or enticing information. Even if the statement is partially true people would forgive but it will get their attention.

Playing with Words

Playing with words has the capacity to carry a headline. This one can be creative, funny and beyond that. It will show a new way to look at something new. Here this is a word.

“Did You Know”

Among many headline types the most catchy and attention seeking headline type is ‘did you know’. If you start the headline with ‘did you know’ people will look at it to get something they do not know.

Events and Promotions

Using custom signs and the letter boards at stores for advertisements, promoting prices and offers and loyalty perks to the customers. Placing the key promotions at the store outside, the business owners can extend their customer reach and keep the sale growing. While pushing a sale, using large and readable fonts, minimal graphics, large number and text size, vibrant color would help grab customers’ attention. It would help the sidewalk design visible from distance and attractive.


In advertising, humor now plays a key role. You can keep the board’s funny and quirky and strange message that would set the customers’ mind for making a purchase. It is said ‘laughter is the best medicine’, but for the advertising, it would like ‘laughter is the best strategy for advertisement’. Entertained and happy customers make more purchase and people appreciate the less serious element for mood lightening.


These are only a few tips to implement to the sidewalk design to win over your competitors and to create effective messages for driving more people to the business. There are more beyond these few tips to run a successful campaign. Visit us at Lettering Express in OKC to get a custom sign for your business logo, business board or sidewalk.

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