The Police Vehicle Wrap Design Guideline

  • Jan 13, 2021

Local police forces have their discretion to decide which graphics to use on their vehicles for identification, how big to display them, and where to position them on the car. These elements of identification and knowledge are collectively referred to as the "police car graphics design" or "design" The police vehicle graphics are specified by either the law or the state-wide police or sheriff's association in many states and jurisdictions, according to the Hendon Company. Be sure to check any enforcement criteria for your jurisdiction before redesigning your police vehicle wraps.

White and Black (Contrasting Colors)

Black and White or two colors. In the United States, it is the iconic, instant identifiable recognition of a police vehicle. In the past, most police units' car doors and roofs were painted white, while black was painted on the trunk, front fenders, hood, and rear quarter panels. With the production of quality vehicle wrap and vinyl graphics, police have the economic option to purchase an all black.

Name of the Office                                            

If the most prominent feature in the design of a law enforcement vehicle is the name of the authority. It is most frequently paired with an authority emblem - see # 3 below. The designation of the authority is written out on the vehicle in a clearly recognizable manner for the public and other law enforcement officials to instantly identify or respond to the emergency

Mark of Authority

A sign of authority may take the form of a shield, star, shoulder patch or state seal. A police badge, shield or star is perhaps the most prominent and identifiable symbol of policing around. Practically, officers wear badges as a way to distinguish who they are and who they work for.

The Town (or Jurisdiction)

Both identified police cars have designation of jurisdiction. Focus is generally placed on the name of the authority for secondary jurisdiction. The name of the authority is usually greater than the name of the jurisdiction.

The name of the jurisdiction must be simple and legible. It is often displayed in the same format (font and colors) as the name of the authority, but in a smaller scale. Specialized fonts and styles representing the region, skyline or city may also be presented. The focus should always be on legibility over style.

911 or Non-Emergency

It is definitely not a necessity to add a 911 or non-emergency website address. But it is a good service to inform the public that help is still only a 911 call away. The "9-1-1" three-digit telephone number has been identified as the "Universal Emergency Number," to request emergency assistance for people across the United States. It is meant as a national telephone number and provides the emergency assistance (PSAP).

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