What Are the Best Banner Material Type?

  • Aug 5, 2020

It can be a bit tricky to choose the right banner material. We have various printing options available. In this article, we discuss the different materials for different applications and what works best.

Vinyl Banner

There are primarily four vinyl banner options. It is 13 oz, 15 oz, 20 oz, and extreme mesh vinyl. They all have different features that make them great for different applications.

13 OZ

Our most frequently ordered banner is the 13 oz banner. They are perfect for almost every application except in a windy area. We will go to which wind zone option to choose. Even if it is windy, air holes can be cut off into the banner to make sure that the material doesn't suffer.

15 OZ 

The banner with 15 oz is a bit longer than the banner of 13 oz. However, this is quite durable but not like 13 OZ. It is our most frequently ordered item for a reason. A 15 oz banner provides only a little longer service life.

20 OZ

This is our longest-lasting banner. The reason we call it a "block-out" banner is because it is so large that it actually blocks the sun. There's a little transparency in our other banners, but the 20 oz banner is hard, without allowing the sun.

Mesh Extreme Vinyl 

Like vinyl, mesh vinyl has fade-resistant and waterproof quality. The difference is that there are small holes in the material, which permit air to pass and make the material respiratory. This mesh quality makes mesh vinyl longer than conventional vinyl. The mesh vinyl also has the advantage that it is wind proof. The air moves silently and prevents the banners from floating in the wind as they pass through the troughs. If you want to hang a fence banner, this material is perfect.

Mesh vinyl banners are an excellent investment if you're looking for a long-term solution. This material is costly than standard vinyl, but it is a substantial investment if you need a banner that you can reuse often for many years.

Adhesive Vinyl Banners 

Adhesive vinyl banners are a great alternative to stand-alone banners. If you have an adhesive vinyl banner, you can hang it from a window, a wall or any smooth surface.

The vinyl adhesive banners are 10 oz. This is waterproof, fade-proof, wrinkle-resistant and durable, as with our standard vinyl banner. As a bonus we can wash and reuse our adhesive vinyl banner material!

One of the main benefits of adhesive banners is that they stick to a surface, so your banner does not need to blow over or flap loudly in the wind. You can also forget to buy bungee cords or poles and just apply your banner to an existing structure to facilitate installation. Contact Lettering Express for vinyl banners in OKC



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