Your Insights on Vinyl Banner Printing

  • Feb 17, 2021

Banner printing is a type of poster printing used to produce banners for a wide variety of clients, often called wide-format printing or large-format printing. For printing on different banner media, large printers known as wide-format printers are used. In general, banner printing uses various types of paper, has a much larger size than normal printing, can be printed on one or two sides, and is made for inside or outside use.

For banner printing, uncoated regular paper may be used, but this is not recommended since regular paper does not retain the same quantity of ink or toner and does not have the same longevity. Coated gloss or matte finish paper, vinyl, canvas are the most popular media for banner printing. These are thicker than paper, provide additional longevity and are typically resistant to fade.

For either inside or outside use, banners are made of precisely weighted content. Banners that hang on windows or from a ceiling or wall will be included in interior use. These prefer to show messages from marketing or may be used for activities like parties. To make it easier to view, the material used is thinner and is not made to be sturdy against external forces, such as strong winds and rain.

Outside banners, often via light posts, are hung on a company's exterior walls or between streets. Printing external banners requires much heavier, more costly materials. This thicker material will stand up to erosion and, like paper or within banners, will not rip or tear. For a period of time, most printing firms would guarantee their banners against demonstrating signs of wear.

Display banners are primarily divided into the following groups, based on personal preferences and usage:

Paper Printing Banner

Paper prints are imprinted on paper, as the name suggests. They are not immune to elements that are outside like rain and heat. Although these documents are of high quality, they are more suitable for indoor use. They are usually printed beautifully in full colors and can be seen very often at indoor or trade show exhibitions.

Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners, printed on high quality vinyl paper, are one of the most widely used banners for events. The weather-resistant design makes it a perfect outdoor advertising option. Usually, they are built using pole pockets, strengthened hems, and corners. Not to forget, they're still incredibly cheap.

Mesh Banners

These show banners, once again printed on vinyl, have breathable fibers. This makes them extremely wind resistant. The little holes on the banner make it possible for the wind to move through it. The reliability of the banner is further enhanced by this. They are built using hems and grommets that are heat welded.

Canvas Banners

Incredibly lovely, canvas banners are used mostly indoors. These banners' texture, look, and feel make them look like a painting. The show banners of this sort have sewn hems and are mounted using grommets.

Polyester Fabric Banners

These are dye-sublimation printed banners that allow full colors to be used and are also very durable. Banners made of polyester fabric have the characteristics that make them optimal for both indoor and outdoor use. For business ads and brand promotion, such show banners are a preferred option as they look very bright and creative, making them capable of garnering enough publicity.

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