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Family-owned for 30 years, Lettering Express understands what it takes to grow businesses that endure. For three decades, small companies and multinational corporations have relied on us to meet their basic marketing needs. We sell signage, vehicle wraps, custom apparel, promotional items, and more to make your company seen. Also, don’t be afraid to come to us with personal projects. We love producing work that makes people happy.

Lettering Express has cultivated a passionate staff that is friendly and experienced. From planning, production, and installation, our team members strive to get things right.

Our team understands the nuances between different materials. We are nationally recognized by all major manufactures: Avery, 3M, WrapItRight, Lowen and Orafol. With our knowledge, we bring out the best in every job.

Oklahoma City has always been our home, and it’s important to support those who support you. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help local businesses, bands, artists, and individuals thrive.



Tilly would prefer to sit underneath the nearest shady patch rather than in front of a hot spotlight. At Lettering Express, these inclinations translate to a lot of hours spent below Charlie's desk fidgeting and collecting her thoughts. Regardless of her restless demeanor, she loves people and loves to play, which has made her a fan favorite among children and Lettering Express' staff, who are all secretly children at heart. Given time, her tenacity and tenderness can win over the leeriest of creatures, including our periodically grouchy senior canine team member, Lester.

Tilly is a talented excavator and also has a history of tunneling underneath fences as well as infiltrating neighboring spaces undetected. With a resume like hers, Tilly could have gotten any job as an archeologist, miner, or intelligence operative. Thankfully, she followed her heart to Lettering Express, and we couldn't be happier.


After a chance encounter with Jill and Charlie, Lester knew he wanted to be a part of Lettering Express' future. This prompted a swift career change. Not long after the three met, Lester quit his job as a tough street dog before he accepted his current role of sweet shop dog at Lettering Express. Since then he hasn't looked back, holding his position for 12 years and counting. His duties mostly include protecting the shop from UPS and FedEx while disposing of various human foods that would otherwise clutter the office.

Before he joined LE, he didn't have a name, so Charlie started calling him Lester. This was a well-intentioned but misguided attempt at honoring Primus' Les Claypool, whose birth certificate actually reads Leslie and not Lester. Despite the gaffe, this majestic beast still exhibits many rock star qualities that would make Les Claypool proud. Lester is reliable, dependable, and always there for a pat and a cuddle, which is what we also think Les Claypool is like.

Jill Trujillo


Jill possess a keen eye for quality and a love for all things local, which are useful traits for a person helming the front office of a family business that has existed in Oklahoma City since 1988. Jill graduated from the University of Oklahoma before going on to receive her MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma. Once, an online quiz titled “Which Pop Star Are You?” accurately declared she was Taylor Swift. Kanye West, however, would never want to interrupt Jill in the middle of an award acceptance speech. As the kids say, “Real recognize real.” Jill’s dedication to art, fashion and pop culture is only eclipsed by her commitment to Lettering Express’ clientele. Come see for yourself.

Charlie Trujillo


Just because you’re recognized by the industry as one of its most trusted installers doesn’t mean you can’t be fun. Charlie brings joy to the world with a heat gun and his rainbow-colored assortment of wrap films. Watch Charlie skateboard to his job. Watch Charlie wrap a vehicle to complete that job. Watch Charlie answer a phone call to accept your next job. Watch Charlie do work and try not to blink as he collects accolades. He’s already Avery Dennison Certified, Arlon WrapItRight Certified, Lowen Certified, 3M Preferred, Knifeless Accredited and the list continues to grow.



Justin combines his passion for service with a receptive ear, meaning customers have a tendency to get exactly what they’re looking for when he’s around. From the quiet Norman Oklahoma countryside, Justin drags the peacefulness of his surroundings to work every day. Some installers panic when dealing with the various challenges that go hand in hand with on-site installations, but that’s not Justin’s style. There’s little terrain that Justin hasn’t braved to get his jobs done.



A musician at heart, Bryan English treats his customers the way he treats his bandmates: as if they were his people. By doing so, he creates harmony where lesser managers might settle for discord. His ability to work well with others has been paramount to both his professional and his musical career. By first identifying what others value, Bryan is able to hit the right notes in the office and on the stage.

Bryan has worked in the graphics industry for eight years prior to coming to Lettering Express. He said his new surroundings have been more conducive his creativity. Also, the nearby Mexican restaurants that have become staples of his diet have probably contributed to his newfound happiness as well.



CJ Lance's previous experiences in customer service and in his double life as a stand-up comedian serve him well as Lettering Express' new client-relations specialist. Cheering up grumpy customers with a joke is a nice trick to have in your back pocket on Monday morning and makes everyone's jobs a little easier. CJ's day involves invoicing clients, receiving payments, and taking care of the little things that make Lettering Express run. On the weekend, you can find CJ at church during the day and a comedy show at night with a lot of sleep in between.



Davis draws in his bed. Davis draws on his days off. It only makes sense that this once would-be accountant would shun a career path littered with numbers to walk into an office that wants him to make art. From Yukon by way of Bahrain in the Middle East, Davis is a one-man band of creativity. Adept in both the drums and guitar, he’s literally that. And if he ever released an album, the odds are high that he’d make the art as well.



With bean and cheese burritos flowing through his blood, Zach Zeller uses his quick wit and imagination to trouble shoot any problem his production staff might face.

Though his job title is officially “plot manager,” Zach has become known as a big-hearted amateur inventor behind the scenes, finding creative solutions to technical problems. If he could, he’d build a food-duplication machine and feed the world.

Away from the office, Zach has spent his time either running around Oklahoma City or globetrotting through Europe as a multi-instrumentalist/musician. The Non, Horse Thief, Husbands, Defining Times and Mikah Young are just a few bands that Zach has performed with.



Brett graduated from UCO in 2014 with a degree in graphic design and a minor in illustration. A self-proclaimed optimist with a love of all things girly, Brett finds joy in challenging herself. She carries this attitude into her work. Where other designers see obstacles, Brett sees puzzles that she takes pleasure in unraveling. Outside of work, Brett loves literature, car singing, dancing while cleaning as well as chips and salsa. If she could combine all these things into one, we’re sure she would. After all, she’s a great multitasker.



At times soft-spoken, Kate has the tendency to let her designs speak for themselves. Embracing art at an early age, Kate pairs creativity with technique. She combines her knowledge of fine art with a passion for hand lettering. Using a unique blend of skills, Kate lends her lively, human look to all her designs. She’s a breath of fresh air in an era where most apparel companies cut corners with easily-imitated templates. She’s also bilingual, meaning she can properly communicate the phrase “Let’s party!” all the way from Oxford to Mexico City.



Prior to graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Zack Gray developed his skills as a graphic designer by creating promotional material for bands mostly as favors. He would progress into a fulltime designer after college, eventually finding his way to Lettering Express. Making other’s visions come true can be hard work. In his professional life, his art revolves around business, and business revolves around money. Unbound by monetary concern in his free time, Zack’s personal style represents something more dreamy and atmospheric. “This sounds weird but I'm really into clouds,” said Zack, a proud paying member of the Cloud Appreciation Society



Erica Valadez started working at Lettering Express as a client relations specialist in 2015 but transitioned into graphic design in 2019. It was a gradual change that started with learning on the job with small projects. The need for a switch became more apparent every time she’d drive around the city and witnessed people admiring her work on vehicles and buildings.

Even before the change, Erica expressed an interest in design from an early age while she dabbled in adjacent disciplines like photography. During college, she used her skills working on layouts for friends and family.

At the end of the day, Erica is all about supporting the people in her life and small businesses. On a lot of days, she even buys lunch from a guy driving around the city with a cooler full of burritos. It doesn’t get much more local than that.



With a love for motorcycles and open roads, Jeremy Husband appreciates freedom and space. Perhaps that’s what brought him to Lettering Express, where there’s room to meet people from all walks of life and learn different skill sets.

Possessing a natural curiosity for the way things work, Jeremy loves to tinker with anything mechanical. Over time, he’s accumulated a wealth of knowledge, which he applies to a variety of situations.

Outside of work, he’d prefer a quiet patch of land to a bustling bar scene. If you’re looking for a way to his heart, maybe try Chinese food and country music.



 An aspiring tattoo artist, Meagan has definitely left a mark on Lettering Express in a short time.

Tattoo artists require poise, creativity, and attention to detail to succeed, but those qualities aren't exclusive to ink slinging. The same traits that make Meagan a great artist make her a great person to work with. Her steady hands make sure projects are completed fast. Her discerning eye makes sure projects are completed right. And when things go wrong, her creativity helps solve problems.

Coming to us by way of Austin, Texas, Meagan not only keeps us afloat but also keeps us weird. Being a fan of good coffee, beer, and music, she's made a habit of introducing us to our new favorite cappuccino, brewery, and band more than once.



Our plotmaster Paul finds joy in practice, routine, and process. Take for instance, the process it takes to transform digital artwork into a physical product; he sees these steps as a form of meditation. Though it might take a quixotic amount of imagination to envision loud plotters and busy production spaces as soothing wind chimes and quiet monasteries, this type of mindset makes Paul a natural fit for his job.

When he's not at work, Paul is practicing to become a professional disc golf player and working on his dream of helping people of all ages connect with the outdoors through disc golf. He's already convinced us to put a few holes around the shop, so we think he's off to a good start!



Our newest team member, Daniela comes to us by way of Macedonia.

Food doesn’t quite taste the same in Oklahoma City as it does back home, and the rivers, lakes, and mountains from Daniela’s childhood are sorely absent here. Luckily, human kindness isn’t bound by geography, and Oklahoma City’s hospitable nature reminds her of people back home. So for now, Daniela has been enjoying immersing herself in basketball, football, and Oklahoma City’s sports culture while making new friends.

Daniela loves working with people and solving problems, making her a natural when it comes to helping clients. She hopes to take what she learns at Lettering Express into her future, perhaps in the fashion industry or some other business.




Tiana honed her skills in Lawton, OK. Working as an intern for Cameron University and as a freelance designer, she’s had her hands on everything from tattoo designs to greeting cards. Now at Lettering Express, she uses her eclectic experiences to benefit the variety of businesses opening their doors across Edmond.

Tiana feeds off of creative energy and input. With this in mind, she thoughtfully listens to her clients’ suggestions in an effort to create designs that best suit their businesses.

When she’s not at work, you can find her jamming out to music, making art or floating down a slow river. Maybe she’s doing all three of those things at once.

Images by Jordan Mobley Photography